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Clitheroe Construction

clitheroe constructions

Are you looking for a reliable Clitheroe construction company? Why not use John Moore and Sons for your building requirements.

With over 30 years in the trade, you can trust us with your project, no matter the scale. We specialise in a variety of services and have links to suit every stage of construction. We are registered with the National House Building Council, and have completed successful new buildings within the Clitheroe area.

As proven by our previous satisfied clients, we are proud to deliver top-quality services within the local area. Our expertise in stonework has led to our reputation as one of the best construction companies within Northwest England, for a variety of national and local businesses as well as residents.

We are able to carry out a range of services, including large commercial projects, thanks to our links in the field. We always ensure, no matter the size of your project, that all work is carried out with the best of care. We regularly check and enforce health and safety regulations, and use trusted tradesman with fantastic track records to ensure any project which is undertaken will be of the best quality possible.

clitheroe constructions

We are regarded as one of the best Clitheroe construction companies for renovation projects and new builds alike. We have had great success in transforming barns and old buildings into beautiful homes. With over 30 years of experience in stonework, we have become well-known in the area for outstanding building conversions and stonework renovations and restorations. As specialists in stonework and masonry, we are able to offer our expertise from designing to building stonework in the area, and have become reputable in providing some of the most trusted and respected stonework in the North West. We also have experience in groundwork, with links to machinery experts and grounds design.

We always aim to deliver our services to the best deadline and budget to suit you, with any scale of work undertaken. Our family-run business is well-trusted across Lancashire and further afield for delivering top quality, which we are able to deliver more locally within Clitheroe. John Moore and Sons is a local name you can trust.

For a quote, or if you simply want to discuss your project needs, contact us for a friendly, informal chat today.