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Renown for our stunning transformations of old barns and buildings, John Moore & Sons have become the number one name for building renovation in Clitheroe and the North West.

Why Do We Renovate Buildings?

The main benefit of renovating a building is that you get to create extra space or make better use of the area that already exists. Builders didn’t design barns for people to live in, so when we take on a barn renovation project, making it human-friendly is our first aim.

We love renovating buildings because it allows us to maintain the heritage and culture of a particular building while adding something new in the process. For example, while we want to make a barn livable, we don’t want it to lose its rustic charm.

There are environmental benefits of the renovation as well; as we won’t need to demolish existing buildings, and the resources we need to renovate a building shouldn’t outweigh the cost of materials required for a new build. You could also save money in the long run by choosing energy-efficient building materials.

Is it Better to Renovate or Build New?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but we’d recommend renovating when:

  • -The building has an original or rustic charm you want to keep.
  • -You’re focused on cost and think that renovating will be cheaper.
  • -You don’t want to go through planning permission.
  • -You want an environmentally-friendly way of changing your building.


Plus, all new works have to follow building regs, but you won’t have to upgrade any features that don’t as long as you don’t make them worse.

If you want something completely new, think the building doesn’t take advantage of the plot, don’t think an update would be effective, or you don’t believe the financial costs will outweigh that of a renovation you could demolish and rebuild.

Can You Renovate Grade Listed Buildings?

Renovating a listed building a maze, so working with the right professionals is the first step you need to take. There are many factors to consider when renovating a listed building:

  • -Acquiring formal permission for any changes.
  • -Preserving the special historical features of the building.
  • -Rethinking your insurance package as standard building insurance won’t cover the work.
  • -Preparing yourself for surprises!


Above all, you need to pick the right architect and contractors, and our expertise with building renovations and stonework puts us in the leading category in the North West. We can create something breathtaking.

Use a Leading Building Renovation Specialist for Your Project

Renovations carried out by John Moore & Sons vary from job to job. From stonework renovations to barn conversions, we use a workforce with a broad range of skills. Our workforce includes expert bricklayers, plasterers and electricians, who create beautiful improvements.

In the field of barn conversions and stonework, we are the leading name for renovations in Clitheroe. Our projects range from commercial building renovations to restoring the beautiful stonework of village statues in Slaidburn.

If you need a building renovation specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. If you would like to know more, get in touch.

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Who we’ve worked with...

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