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Over the past 30 years, John Moore & Sons have become the trusted Lancashire professionals for groundwork contracts in the North West.


What is Groundwork in Construction?

If you aren’t familiar with groundwork and you’re looking for a contractor for your first project, you’re in the right place. Groundwork is any work done to a surface to prepare it for further construction – you don’t want to build your foundations on unsuitable ground. There are various areas of groundwork that depend on the type of project; such as drainage, demolitions, ground stabilisation and ground investigation.


Why is Groundwork Important?

The whole weight of the building is going to lay on top of the ground, so it needs to be adequately prepared; the success of the structure depends on it. Groundwork occurs at the onset of the project, so it’s crucial to get off to a positive start. Groundwork is key to layout and structure development, while also providing the strength for the weight of the building. When you hire a groundwork contractor, you need to ensure they plan everything and layout everything before any work begins. The last thing you want is a disorganised groundwork company.


How Do John Moores Approach Groundwork?

All our projects must go through specific stages; it’s how we keep on top of our work and ensure there is a clear structure and organisation. If there are buildings on the ground that needs demolishing, we’ll undertake this work first.

1. The first stage is a ground investigation, where we’ll analyse the ground for any contamination and check the general condition of the land. We can recommend the appropriate treatment after, so the ground is in the best condition for work.

2. The site will need clearing, where any topsoil will be taken up, and the depth of the clearance will be determined. We’ll also look at how level the ground is and alter this if we need to.

3. Once the site is cleared the foundations can be laid – any splitting, seepage or other damage can be catastrophic to the structure, so it’s a crucial step.


What’s the Next Step?

Now you’ve got the basics of groundwork; it’s time to get in touch with a groundwork contractor to see how you can get your project underway. Who should you use? Keep reading to find out why John Moores is the groundwork specialist you should use.


Why Use John Moore?

We always deliver on time and budget, from small residential groundworks to large commercial projects. We maintain the same attention to detail on every job and always adhere to strict health & safety regulations.

Our considerate, professional approach has allowed us to build a reputation for quality groundwork contracting. Over the years, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience working on groundworks in North West.

We have extensive industry knowledge and use experts in every field from groundwork design to machining. Please view our projects to review our groundworks in the Ribble Valley and North West areas.

If you would like to know more contact us today.


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