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Lancashire barn conversions by John Moore & Sons

Lancashire barn conversionsIf you are looking for barn conversion builders in the Lancashire area, John Moore & Sons are here to help. As a family-run construction firm, we have a wealth of experience in new builds, stonework, groundwork and commercial projects – making us the perfect builders to choose when the time comes to spruce up that old barn!

There are many benefits to barn conversions, and here at John Moore & Sons, we are meticulous when it comes to attention to detail, so we can help make your barn conversion dreams a reality.

What are the benefits of barn conversions?

Firstly, Lancashire barn conversions make great use of what is often just wasted space.

Barns are typically designed to have large volumes of space inside them so converting your barn into a more practical property allows you to take advantage of these spacious structures. With high vaulted ceilings and big open plan areas, there are so many possibilities with converted barns.

greenwoods project graphicSome of our previous customers here at John Moore & Sons converted their barn to become part of a much larger and superior house. An example of this is the Greenwoods project; this barn conversion made superb use of the high, open space and used the vaulted ceilings as a stand-out feature of the property.

Other projects at John Moore & Sons, such as Harrop Gate Barn, use old barns to create new properties all together. At Harrop Gate, the redundant barn was split into two new cottages – this kind of conversion could be done to provide your family with places to live, or to gain some extra income by renting the cottages out.

harrop gate barn project graphicAdd value to your property with a Lancashire Barn Conversion

Any barn conversion is a great way to add value to your property. Whether it is as a new annex to your existing home or simply as a modern storage area, a well-converted barn is always going to entice potential buyers.

calderstone barn projectWe have also converted barns for commercial purposes, such as the Calderstones NHS Trust barn, which was converted into a day care centre with natural and peaceful surroundings for their clients. So if your company has an old barn on its premises in Lancashire that could be converted into something better, John Moore & Sons are the perfect family-run barn conversion builders for the job.

For more information, or if you’re in Lancashire and are looking for a barn conversion contractor, then please contact us on 01200 447711 today!

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